8 Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day can be sweet or sad, depending on where we are in our romantic lives. That's why this Love Day, we are not only offering a gift guide for our partners, we're sharing ways to nurture and shower love on ourselves. While sometimes referred to as a "Hallmark Holiday," Valentine's Day is an opportunity to express care and intimacy, and shine a light on the love we feel in our hearts. Following is a list of eight healthy Valentine’s Day gift ideas to promote fun, happiness and wellness.

The Gift of Calm, Empowerment and Protection

For anyone with a compromised immune system (or simply trying to stay healthy during cold and flu season), keeping our mind and body in a state of ease are key. Check out our Calming Essential Oils & Sanitizer Setmade with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® and organic fractionated coconut oil. Power packed ingredients and gentle scents inspire a sense of peace, strength and tranquility.

The Healing Power of Music

Music has transformative powers. Studies of post-surgery patients show that music therapy improves recovery faster than medication alone. Create a custom mixtape for your sweetheart, or buy tickets to an upcoming concert. Flying solo this year? Explore new stations on Spotify or crank up the tunes at home for a personal dance party. Music and movement are sure to resonate and promote wellness on a deeper chord.

Pure Luxury from Head-to-Toe

When it comes to the ultimate indulgence, nothing compares to pampering our skin – every inch of it. Treat yourself or your partner to rich, glowing skin with The Everywhere Oil, a groundbreaking, certified organic body oil. Created by a cancer thriver, it is made from Sesame Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Moringa Oil that nourishes the skin, leaving it radiant, moisturized and glowing.

Time Outside

Being outside in nature improves our mind, body and spirit. So, consider an outing in Mother Nature this Love Day. A picnic in a scenic park, a walk in the woods or a slow stroll on the beach have the ability to lower blood pressure and reduce unhealthy stress hormones like cortisol. For bonus points, up the romance with your sweetie and catch a beautiful sunset together.

Double-down on Laughter

Deep belly laughs lighten our mood and strengthen our connection to loved ones. There’s nothing better than sharing a joke or erupting in laughter together. Comedy also has the power to improve our wellbeing. When we laugh, our body is flooded with endorphins, promoting an overall sense of calm. Our immune system gets a boost, and stress is reduced. Some studies indicate that life-expectancy increases in people who have a strong sense of humor. This year, make plans to watch a comedy special, venture out to see live stand-up or watch your favorite funny movie for Valentine’s Day as a heart-healthy alternative to the status-quo.

Heat Things Up in the Kitchen

There’s no shame in skipping the crowds and staying in this year. Preparing a healthy meal at home offers a meaningful, quiet chance to connect, unwind and be creative in the kitchen. Be adventurous and try something you’ve never made before. Then top it off with a soothing bath, and wrap up in a cozy robe on the couch.

Beautiful Blooms and Lucious Leaves

Fresh floral arrangements always brighten the day. There’s nothing more romantic than receiving a lovely bouquet of sweet smelling flowers (or giving them to ourselves!). Potted plants have the added benefit of improving the air quality of our homes, filtering indoor pollutants and producing an oxygen-rich environment. (See Five Reasons to Become a Plant-Lady This Year to learn more.)

Get Creative with Arts & Crafts

Trying to plan a fun, romantic and endearing date for your partner, but not sure what to do? Let loose your creative spirit and art & crafts for adults event this Valentine’s Day. According to the American Academy of Neurology, artistic activities are not only fun, they’re good for your health. Consider finding a workshop or crafting club near you, or watch an online tutorial video from home. The (painted) sky’s the limit!

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to spoil ourselves and the special people in our lives with love, special treatment and tokens of affection. We decorate candy hearts and send cute notes to friends and lovers. As we do, we are reminded that we are blessed to share our time together. Let us take heart to protect, nurture and cherish the moments we have. 

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn