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Our Story

Our Story

We design for the women reclaiming their femininity. For the fighters discovering their strength, and for patients on the journey of healing. For the nurturers devoting themselves to wellness, and for individuals seeking beauty in times of change.


Everviolet was conceived by Keira Kotler, a San Francisco based visual artist and marketing professional who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. Following surgery, Keira was shocked to discover one of her greatest challenges was finding comfortable and beautiful garments to wear throughout the healing process. After six months and over 200 bras, she began talking to other survivors about their shopping experiences and discovered she was not alone.


Keira found the disconnect between fit, comfort and beauty in the lingerie industry to be not only universal, but a consistent point of differentiation between feeling like a patient and a person — a barrier to psychological and emotional healing. Two years later, Everviolet was born with the resolution to offer women a different answer to this intimate question.


Everviolet is an intimate apparel and loungewear collection designed to nurture a woman's body and sense of self following treatment for breast cancer and other meaningful life events including other types of cancer, surgeries, post-pregnancy, menopause and even puberty. Our thoughtfully designed collection allows women whose bodies have undergone change to find lingerie that fits their evolving needs, enabling them to feel like people first and patients last.