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Everviolet Chats

Everviolet Chats: Nicole Seagriff, President of The Pink Agenda

October 14, 2021

We're shining light on an organization we love and trust – one that's really making a difference when it comes to breast cancer research and care. Read our latest Everviolet Chats with President of The Pink AgendaNicole Seagriff...


Everviolet Chats: Therese Clark, Lady Suite Founder & CEO

June 10, 2021

When it comes to female self-care, knowing how to truly take care of the area "down there" may not be something we're aware of, nor do many of us feel comfortable discussing it. 


Everviolet Chats: Monica Behan, Modicum Skincare Owner & Creator

April 29, 2021

What we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put on them, and it was kismet when we were introduced to Monica Behan, owner and creator of Modicum, a plant-based, organically farmed skincare line. 


Everviolet Chats: Erika Stallings, BRCA Advocate, Co-Founder of the Black&BRCA Project & Writer

December 16, 2020

Erika Stallings is making waves in the Black breast cancer community, spreading her first-hand experience as a BRCA2 carrier and extensive knowledge around racial health disparities impacting Black women.


Everviolet Chats: Renata Helfman, Founder & Executive Director of Lipstick Angels

November 5, 2020

Meet Renata Helfman, founder and executive director of Lipstick Angels and a woman who's both changing the standards of the cosmetic industry and transforming the lives of patients courageously fighting cancer.


Everviolet Chats: MJ Decoteau, Founder & Executive Director of Rethink Breast Cancer

October 22, 2020

In the heart of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it's clear that our community needs more than pink ribbons and emojis – especially those facing treatment amidst a pandemic. Which is why we were thrilled to interview the ever-so-inspiring, MJ Decoteau, Founder and Executive Director of Rethink Breast Cancer.


Everviolet Chats: Kelsey Bucci, Mother x 4, Breast Cancer Thriver & Entrepreneur

July 2, 2020

You know that saying, "You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé?” Well, this woman really lives up to those standards.


Everviolet Chats: Patti Pagliei-Simpson, Waxing Poetic

October 17, 2019

We love supporting survivors and women-owned businesses, especially ones that are more than just brands and also tell a story. Lucky for us, we had the joy of sitting down with Pattie Pagliei-Simpson...


Everviolet Chats: Nancy Davidson & The Foundation for Living Beauty

September 19, 2019

In our most recent #EvervioletChats, we sat down with Nancy Davidson, the Executive Director of The Foundation for Living Beauty – an organization that provides free support services to women living with cancer through wellness retreats, educational workshops and support events.


Everviolet Chats: Dr. Anne Peled, MD, Plastic, Reconstructive & Breast Surgeon

July 10, 2019

When it comes to finding the right doctor to help us on our cancer journey, wouldn't it be incredible to find one who's actually experienced it firsthand? Meet Dr. Anne Peled, MD – a Plastic, Reconstructive and Breast Surgeon...


Everviolet Chats: Laura Holmes Haddad, Public Speaker, Breast Cancer Warrior & Author of “This is Cancer”

April 10, 2019

We are pleased to introduce you to Laura Holmes Haddad – mother, public speaker, breast cancer warrior and author of "This is Cancer: Everything You Need to Know, from the Waiting Room to the Bedroom" – whose story is incredible and undoubtedly life-changing. 


Everviolet Chats: Terri Coutee, Breast Reconstruction Patient, Advocate & Educator

October 31, 2018

As Breast Cancer October comes to a close, we want to share the story of an amazing woman who is impacting the lives of breast cancer patients daily...


Everviolet Chats: Kelsey Crowe, Empathy Expert

March 22, 2018

We're excited to announce a new Everviolet Journal series, Everviolet Chats, in which we'll be profiling leading ladies in the wellness world...