Everviolet Chats: Casey Georgeson, CEO & Founder of Saint Jane Beauty

From working in the wine and beauty industry to her current role as the CEO and Founder of Saint Jane Beauty, Casey Georgeson talks about what inspired her to create her own clean beauty line and how she developed her first product. What sets the brand apart from other personal care collections is the use of CBD in combination with the highest-quality plants and flower ingredients, reflecting a focus on overall wellness and healing. Casey's goal was to not merely provide a quick fix but rather, to let Mother Nature do her magic and gradually improve skin over time. To learn more about Saint Jane, what Casey's skincare regimen looks like and what's up next for the brand, read our latest Everviolet Chats below.


We understand you have a background working in the wine industry as well as for iconic beauty brands like Marc Jacobs Beauty, Disney, Sephora, and Elizabeth and James. At what point did you decide to create Saint Jane and did you ever think you’d own your own business?

After many years of creating literally dozens of brands in beauty and wine, I knew I wanted to create my own beauty brand with clean, safe ingredients. I was just waiting for that “aha moment.” The discovery of CBD, as an extraordinary ingredient for the skin, is what truly inspired me to start SAINT JANE. It is the clearest idea for a brand I have ever had.

What’s the meaning behind the name Saint Jane and how did you choose that for your brand

There are actually several meanings behind our name which hold a deep significance not only to me but for our brand. First and foremost, Saint Jane, was an actual saint who lived in France in the 1500s. She devoted her life to healing and caring for others, especially women who society shunned, the very sick, the very old and unwed mothers. It is in her honor that our approach to beauty and skincare is healing centric and we are dedicated to supporting organizations that foster change, inspire hope and call for equality and inclusivity for women and children since we launched in January 2019. The name Jane means woman and I am a mother of 3 girls, SAINT JANE, the company, is entirely women-led and run.  And last but not least, when I lived in NYC and was a producer at CNN, I lived on Jane Street. Naming my brand SAINT JANE was very intentional.

Tell us about the ethos behind Saint Jane Beauty. And in three words, how would you best describe your Brand?

Our brand ethos is simple. SAINT JANE employs the highest quality standards to ensure our formulas perform time and again with beautiful, clean blends of potent florals.

The three words to describe SAINT JANE are:

Luxury. Floral-infused. Clean.

What makes Saint Jane different than other beauty brands?

SAINT JANE’s approach to skincare is centered around healing and wellness. It is a holistic approach and one that relies on potent and gorgeous flowers and other natural ingredients that have been beloved and used for centuries to pamper and nurture the skin. We are not about the quick fix but rather our formulas honor the innate power of mother nature. We thoughtfully source each of our ingredients and gently extract them to optimize their benefits for the skin. And, we test our ingredients and formulas four times throughout the supply chain to ensure the integrity of each of our ingredients and formulas.

What was the first product you created and how did you go about it? Which product are you currently most excited about?

Luxury Beauty Serum was our first formula and the one we launched the brand within 2019. I formulated it myself, after being introduced to the incredible skin benefits of CBD. I researched what flowers and other natural ingredients would complement and support CBD’s skin wellness mission. Besides full flower CBD, I blended 19 other potent flowers and botanicals into the serum. The end result is a multi correctional serum that calms and nourishes the skin. And, it has since gone on to win several awards. 

I am most excited about our recent launch, Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair.  As someone with sensitive skin, I have struggled to find a retinol product that doesn’t dry out my skin, and cause excessive redness and peeling. So, I created Sacred Sleep! I paired .05% Retinol with a blend of the gorgeous florals known to soothe and balance the skin. Its 9hrs of sleep in a jar!

What does your morning and/or evening skincare routine look like?

I really listen to my skin so my skincare routine changes to accommodate to what is happening with my skin from hormonal breakouts to changes in the weather. It is so important to remember to really check in with your skin and use the products that your skin needs the most.  Most mornings, I use our Vitamin C serum - the C-Drops brighten my skin, and I follow it with Hydrating Petal Cream, our daily moisturizer, which has an incredibly lightweight texture and keeps my skin hydrated all day.  It's great under makeup too as the formula absorbs beautifully and doesn’t pill. That duo gives me the perfect glow.  At night, I alternate between Sacred Sleep, which I use 3x a week,  and I always apply it to my neck and décolletage, which can show signs of aging too and are very important not to overlook. The other nights I use Luxury Beauty Serum and Bright Repair Eye Cream.

Why are self-care and skincare so important to you?

As a mom of 3 girls, a CEO and a wife – finding time for self-care is hard but it is necessary for my sanity. Skincare is a form of daily self-care for me. Taking care of my skin and ensuring it is healthy are the few moments during the day that I can focus on myself. I am off the phone, not on my computer and it's my daily respite that I truly look forward to.

At Everviolet, our mantra is “Beauty of Change.” What does this mean to you, and what is your personal mantra?

I love your mantra! To me, it means to me that there is beauty everywhere and in everything. We live in a world where the only constant is change so finding beauty in that change, in what you cannot control, is important to recognize.

My mantra is:

You can never have too much love in your life. At the end, you never look back and think...I wish I had more money, more things, more frivolousness….but you do feel proud of the love you gave and the love you received. You take it with you.

What’s next for Saint Jane?

2022 promises to be an exciting year! We’ve just launched Sacred Sleep Overnight Repair, our indulgent night cream with Retinol. Our next launch is happening in early summer and I am really excited about it. I can’t say too much now, but stay tuned for more SAINT JANE news in the coming months.