Essential Oils & Sanitizer Set


Our Essential Oils & Hand Sanitizer Set consists of three proprietary blends of essential oils in convenient glass roller and spray bottles. The collection is designed to provide calm, empowerment and protection and are made with CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ® essential oils and organic fractionated coconut oil. The set consists of Be Calm (for tranquility, harmony and balance), Beauty of Change (for empowerment, clarity and confidence) and Cleanse (to purify, sanitize and protect).

- Be Calm essential oil blend offers a tranquil aroma promoting harmony to the mind and body and balance to the heart. Apply to wrists, chest, behind the ears or on the bottoms of feet to feel more grounded. When experiencing anxious feelings, apply to the palms of hands, rub them together and inhale deeply.

- Beauty of Change essential oil blend promotes invigorating feelings of confidence, clarity and empowerment. Hints of peppermint and wild orange create an energizing and uplifting aroma while lavender and roman chamomile create feelings of peace. Roll over the neck, chest, back, and/or bottoms of feet to promote clear breathing and a peaceful mind.

- Cleanse is a protective hand sanitizer infused with calming lavender and naturally disinfecting tea tree oil. Isopropyl alcohol (60%) effectively kills germs while aloe keeps hands soft. Spray liberally onto palms and rub until dry. 

Are these essential oils organic? 
All of the oils used in our blends are made from CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ® oils, sourced directly from the highest quality farms around the world. They are combined with organic fractionated coconut oil for easy application and to moisturize the skin.

How should I apply essential oils and the hand sanitizer? 
Roll oils onto pulse points (wrists, heart, behind the ears). Rub them on hands or under the nose to inhale or apply them to the bottoms of feet to promote grounding. Spray hand sanitizer generously onto hands and rub until dry. 

Suggested use
Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas. Do not apply to open wounds or burns.

Customer Reviews

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Amy Poole
Best essential oil blends I've found

I've been into essential oils for a while and have even experimented a little with blending. But when my girlfriend gave these to me after finding them at a pop-up event, I was blown away. The scents are so intoxicating and yet soft, and they really are effective in terms of regulating mood and offering calm. I will continue to replenish these oils, as they are perfect for travel and also good gifts. Kudos, Everviolet!

The perfect gift!

I bought this essential oils set for myself and have since purchased it for everyone I love. A great value for the quality, these "farm to bottle" blends are the best combination of relaxation, clarity and inspiration. Thank you for creating the most amazing collection of oils to help me feel grounded and calm no matter what. My 12 year old daughter is even using Be Calm to help her sleep. Highly recommended for anyone looking for clean, natural stress release!

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