5 Reasons to Become a Plant Lady This Year

We’ve heard them all: Green Thumb, Crazy Plant Lady, Garden Gremlin. For the horticulturists who live for their potted friends, there’s no shame. And why not? This year, after embracing the shelter-at-home life, we’re going all-in on going green. It may still be cold and grey outside, but it’s time to start thinking about potting soil, chromatic hues, and wild blossoms that fill our window sills and bring light and love to our indoors. Here are our top reasons for becoming a plant lady this year.

Ahhhhh, Breathe It In

Our homes are our sanctuaries – our safe place to let down our guard, put our feet up, and take off the masks (literally). But, according to studies, the time we spend indoors could expose us to an array of toxic chemicals hiding in plain sight. Furniture compounds, cleaning materials, and even mold and dust can make the air inside our homes less than ideal. The simple solution to improving air quality, without investing in a HEPA filter, is to let nature run its course...with plants! Plants consume carbon dioxide, filter the air we breathe, and produce an oxygen-rich environment. Studies have shown that adding plants to our décor can boost the quality of the environment around us. Plus: they’re just pretty!

Growing Empathy

Sometimes, when we’re hit with unexpected loss or we’re saturated with negativity, it’s hard to step outside of our challenges and find comfort. There are many different kinds of therapy, but the benefits of horticulture therapy or plant therapy, have shown significant increases in compassion and self confidence. It turns out that tending our gardens and nurturing the growth of green goodness is, well, good for our souls. It can encourage moments of calm and helps us win back a small sense of control in our daily lives.

Digging Deep

The secret world of plants is filled with unusual species, fascinating flowers and beautiful botanicals. These aren’t just our mother’s old ficus plants. When we really start to travel down the Wikipedia hole, we discover that Bromeliads bloom just once! And they grow pups, which we can gift to our friends. That Tillandsia Xerographica is the king of air plants and has no roots! (How is that even possible?!) And that Gingko trees are practically living fossils! This year, we're hoping to more spend time nerding-out on plant facts online verses getting lost on WebMD and NY Times pages. 

Finding Our Roots

Legendary musical genius, and philanthropist, Dolly Parton, once said, “Storms make trees take deeper roots.” When she’s not dishing out major truths, we bet she’s growing a stunning garden and watering some amazing indoor greenery. Putting in the work when the work is a struggle is what it takes to weather the storm. And we’ve all been there...

It Doesn’t Have to Succ

Sharp, pointy, and painful...cacti and their cousins, cute and trendy succulents, are having a moment. Wildly popular and adorable, we’re have to admit that we’re crazy about these guys. They’re low maintenance, quirky, and they’re tough and scrappy, to boot! Packed with personality, a happy cactus just needs some strong sunlight and a tiny bit of water every now and then. 

During the first few months of 2021, it's a great time to embrace joy, tend our gardens, and plant some seeds for happiness. And while we’re at it, we’re going to be embracing our inner plant lady (or person). It’s a new year, so why not make it the year we surround ourselves in nature and bring some new life into our home? Here’s to going green!

"To plant a garden is believe in tomorrow." – Audrey Hepburn