The Power of Orchid

Colors engage us, creating both internal and visual experiences that have the ability to dramatically impact our mood and state of mind. We believe that we can truly feel the colors we put on our body, and that's why color theory is a prominent factor in everything we create at Everviolet. From the selective hues we debut in each lingerie and loungewear collection to the palettes displayed on our website and packaging, the colors of our garments are specifically designed to soothe, heal and inspire strength and femininity, even in our most pivotal moments. Our latest color crush, Orchid, is a rich blend of red and deep violet, offering vitality, insight and joy during these darker days of winter. To learn more about the hidden power of Orchid, read on. 

Orchid is a unique blend of passionate red and peaceful violet, making it a unique combination of emotional and spiritual influences. Red is a warm and positive color that is associated with our physical needs as well as our will to survive. It is energizing, emotional and inspires us to take action. It can promote confidence and leadership, love and excitement, but if used too often, it can lean towards expressions of anger and aggression. Red is the color of life force and sexuality, but also violence and war.1

Violet is associated with higher ideals as seen in royalty and opulence. Appearing at the opposite end of the color spectrum from red, violet inspires imagination, dreams and a vision for the future. Violet is internal, evoking deep thinking and connection to metaphysical realms. It has the highest vibration of the entire visible color spectrum. Combining blue and red, violet balances body and soul, physicality and spirituality.2

Combined together, these tones merge to create balance and order with Orchid. The intensity of red is countered by the thoughtfulness of violet, and the strength of both tones promotes empowerment, courage and mindfulness. Both hard and soft, the color flatters all skin tones and helps us ground into the present moment.

So, whether we’re looking for a healing color to support our wellness journey, a sexy outfit for Valentine’s day, or a nurturing expression of self-love to inspire our inner badass, join us in indulging in some Orchid this winter and see how powerful we can feel! 

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky