Clean Beauty Trends for 2020

The beauty industry has finally entered a more clean, natural and sustainable space, and no one is more excited than we are. For years, we've been unknowingly putting dangerous chemicals in and on our bodies, and the time is now to make a switch. But finding healthier and effective substitutes is challenging, which is why we're always keeping an eye out for the newest and healthiest skincare products and cosmetics. We're excited to say that 2020 has some amazing innovations in store. So, whether you've already hopped on the clean beauty bandwagon or have yet to make a change, read on to discover the latest wellness trends debuting this year.

CBD in Skincare

CBD has been steadily gaining mainstream buzz over the last several years, but what's new and interesting is that it's now being used in skincare products. CBD (known as cannabidiol) is commonly extracted from hemp and considered to be non-psychoactive. What's exciting is that when CBD is combined with high-quality skincare, it offers tremendous anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It’s known to reduce redness and puffiness, as well as prevent outbreaks for those with acne-prone skin. CBD is also associated with a calming effect as it gets absorbed through the outermost layers of the epidermis. For the full benefit of this potent plant, look for products that contain full-spectrum CBD, offering the full range of properties that exist naturally in the hemp plant, and make sure it has cannabidiol listed on the label.1

Reducing Waste 

In this time of great climate impact, beauty companies are looking for ways to reduce their waste and overall carbon footprint. This means brands are producing clean skincare products that include fewer ingredients and high-quality, sustainable sourcing. Packaging matters, and it's heading in the direction of reuse and zero-waste. More and more personal care products are being sold in beautiful, reusable and high-quality glass and metal containers, with the goal of reducing the number of single-use plastic items being introduced into our environment. As companies continue to innovate aesthetically-pleasing and simple ways to create eco-friendly relationships with our medicine cabinets, we welcome the opportunities it brings to have better health for ourselves and our planet.2

Unisex, Inclusion & Diversity

In 2019, we saw makeup lines upping the ante of skin tone shades, offering a broader range of hues to match the diverse spectrum we beautiful humans rock. This is one of the many ways brands are helping to promote and normalize inclusivity. In 2020, we predict these trends will expand even further to encompass non-binary gender identities as well as diversified unisex offerings, due to the amount of men using clean cosmetics. As awareness grows, so will the opportunity to provide options that speak all forms of personal expression, thereby offering us all more access to healthy skincare products that suit who we are as individuals.

Bold Color

Bold colors, in both fashion and makeup, are big for 2020. As natural beauty is becoming more mainstream, brands are taking the opportunity to saturate their offerings with highly-pigmented hues. Non-toxic options are appealing to a wider market, so beauty brands are adjusting accordingly. Historically, bolder colors have been associated with higher quantities of dangerous chemicals, and it's been more common to see clean beauty lines with muted, natural tones. But as eco-savvy consumers respond to the brighter, more colorful makeup pallets, they are looking for brands that provide rich pigments while not compromising the clean ingredients they crave.3

Bespoke Beauty & Wellness

2020 is being called the “year of customization in beauty.” Consumers today have nearly everything at their virtual fingertips. With the click of a button, we can purchase most things we need and have it arrive promptly at our doorstep. The movement towards streamlining convenience has also brought an uptick in services that provide consumers with a highly-personalized experience - doing everything from tracking heart rate and sleep cycles to testing our DNA. We have unprecedented access to information about ourselves, our bodies and our patterns. Bespoke beauty and wellness takes this trend of personalization and tailors products just for you – everything from shampoo and conditioner to makeup, perfume and supplements. In a time when the informed consumer craves individuality, it's looking like beauty-tailored-to-you might just be the future of the industry.3

Fashion and Beauty For a Cause

In 2020, we will see trendy and stylish brands focusing on sustainable sourcing, clean manufacturing, ethical labor environments and a cycle of reciprocity with important charities or causes. The idea of mission-based shopping offers a welcomed breath of fresh air in contrast to the now-waning fast fashion trends of the last decade. Buying from brands committed to 'giving back' ensures that our resources are doing more than simply participating in consumption and contributing to landfills. By being more aware of where we're spending our dollars and choosing high-quality clothing and beauty companies that focus on ethical supply chains, today’s consumers hold a powerful voice for change.4

"80% of ingredients in beauty products have never been tested for safety. Even more troubling, chemicals linked to breast cancer, learning disabilities, infertility and other health issues are allowed in the products we use every day." – Beautycounter