10 Lessons Learned From 2022 to Bring Into 2023

There’s nothing like the quiet of winter — the dark hibernation period following the hustle and bustle of the holidays when we can re-center ourselves and reflect on the past year. 2022 was a busy one! We reclaimed much of our "normal lives" after surviving (what was hopefully) the most intense part of a global pandemic. We witnessed crazy politics and faced harsh realities about climate change. But we made it, together, with an even stronger appreciation for health and the precious ability to hug our friends and family. With each cycle, we find it empowering and inspiring to note key takeaways from the past year, to serve as intentions for the 365 days to come. Following, are 10 life lessons we gained from 2022 that we are carrying forward into 2023.

1. Honor our inner voice. Our gut always knows what’s right. Trust it.

2. New habits take time. Baby steps each day are the way to change.

3. Face challenges honestly. When we feel through our pain, we allow it to evolve and help us grow.

4. Rest reigns supreme. Prioritize sleep to nurture health and wellness.

5. Community helps us thriveIt’s ok to put ourselves first, but also hold present our important place in community and family.

6. Real happiness comes from within. Our external circumstances are not in charge of our state of being. Seek our own inner beauty and practice gratitude to find true contentment.

7. Only from the darkness can we see the light. Even on bad days, we can focus on our highest goals and purpose.

8. Value true friendships. Being a true friend means allowing others to evolve, listening without judgement and supporting each other's healing.

9. Change is cyclical. We may not always understand what we’re facing, but wisdom will always emerge if we allow it.

10. Health is an invaluable treasure. There’s nothing more important than our health. Always appreciate, nurture and protect it.

What lessons have you learned from the past year? We invite you to find some quiet time and write a list of your own.

"Learning never exhausts the mind." - Leonardo da Vinci