The Healing Powers of Self-Compassion & Self-Care

We're kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month by taking a moment to shine light on the healing powers of self-compassion and self-care in conjunction with the launch of Modicum's new Compassionate Care Line – a plant-based skincare collection devoted to people in treatment and in recovery from cancer. Each of their new products are formulated to offer comfort and relief from many of the side effects of conventional cancer treatment that are frequently encountered during the healing process. 

In our partnership, we will be giving a complimentary bottle of Modicum's Essential Recovery: Breast Balm to the first 100 Everviolet orders placed during the month of October. This Breast Balm offers post-operative wound healing and helps calm inflammation, promote the growth of new tissue and minimize the formation of scars. At Modicum, founder and creator Monica Behan encourages the process of creating a skincare ritual. To learn more about her perspective and how self-compassion and self-care can powerfully lead us toward recovery and transcendence, see below.

Written by Monica Behan of Modicum.

Jennifer rang the bell at the treatment center after her last round of chemo was completed.

She was overwhelmed by the emotions along with a sense of relief. But why did she wake up the next day with panic and anxiety? She should be feeling like a weight has been lifted, not heaviness. She availed herself to the standard of care for her cancer as prescribed. It was done. What can she continue to do on her own to keep the cancer and anxiety at bay?

This is a moment of suspension when we ask ourselves the question of what can we do with a little less fear and panic. How can we be softer with ourselves? These questions are the seeds of self-compassion.

But how do we get there? How do we move through a state of fear and helplessness? It doesn't have to be a grand act, especially when we are not feeling that great. It’s really more about the small things – rituals of self-care – that can become the thread of pearls that ultimately surround us with a sense of well-being, grounding and love. We return to this again and again as a practice and observe the subtleties that follow as things start to shift. One pearl at a time.

A ritual of self-compassion and self-care is healing, and starts with a simple intention. The intention can be health and well-being, peace of mind, grounding, or whatever you choose. It is meant to invoke a state of mind, body or spirit. But it also doesn’t necessarily have to be a spiritual practice. It’s more about giving ourselves the permission to pause.

In order to establish a ritual of regular practice and habit, it helps to set the stage. We can begin by lighting a candle, burning incense or just showing up with nothing but ourselves, our breath and our intention. In this quiet space, we can apply a product that comes from the Earth to parts of our body that need healing. The Earth is the ultimate healer and nurturer, and activates our own healing power. The idea is to return to this ritual as often as needed. This is a gift we can give ourselves that takes little effort and gives so much in return. 

Then, self-compassion and self-care become a practice that leads us into recovery and transcendence. Our trust in our abilities grow. We are healers healing ourselves.