Summer Style with Luxe Jersey

Summer is one of our favorite times of the year! We revel in the extra-long daylight to enjoy time with friends and catch stunning sunsets before the evenings cool down. As soon as temperatures start to rise each year, we shed our inhibitions and feel a little more carefree – almost as if we are kids again. As we prepare for fun midyear gatherings like outdoor celebrations, weddings and graduations or simply enjoy time in our gardens, the ‘season of the sun’ is also a time to show a little skin. And it’s much easier to keep our cool in natural fibers, loose layers and fabrics that feel refreshing both on top of and underneath our clothing. At Everviolet, we’re rolling out new styles to ensure that our beautiful lingerie is ready to meet the moment, as the digits on the thermostat climb. Take a look at how we’re staying cool with our new, ultra-flattering and easy-to-wear jersey collection – plus, tips for battling the heat.

Our Healing Body and the Heat

Feeling comfortable in the heat is challenging under the best of circumstances. When it comes to the health and safety of those within our community, we cannot uncouple health concerns and the environment. Overwhelming temps and heat advisories can very quickly take the joy out of our favorite summer events if we’re unprepared. When our bodies are healing, changing due to menopause or battling illnesses, we also may be more sensitive to the sun and vulnerable to overheating. It’s important to dress for the changing weather by wearing fabrics that allow our skin to do what it does naturally: allowing air to flow for heat transfer, breathability and cooling. That is why we designed our new collection to wear under lighter layers, while still offering post-operative support, all day comfort and flattering silhouettes. Introducing Portia…

Meet Portia

Why We Know You’ll Love Her

The Portia Bra delicately transfers heat through soothing, luxe jersey fabric that is also certified sustainable. In other words, the Portia is naturally breathable, moisture wicking and gentle on sensitive skin. Her design is flexible, comforting and smooth under summer clothing. We had many requests for a t-shirt bra, and this is our solution. Easy to wear under tanks and light tops, the Portia Bra may just be our most comfortable piece yet. Pair her with the ultra-flattering Portia High Waisted Panty for a complete set.

Prefer Bralettes? Here are a Few Other Options.

Our Astrid Bralette and Astrid Bralette with Lace was voted "Best Bra with a Combination of Beauty and Comfort for All Surgery Types" by Business Insider, and we think you’ll agree. With not one, but two, layers of soft, luxe jersey, plus a layer of power mesh for support, you may want one in every color.

The Most Versatile Camisole

We can think of one hundred ways to wear the Maia Camisole with and without Shelf Bra, but however you choose to style, the Maia is both cooling and anti-microbial, too! With optional, internal drain pockets, Maia is good for after surgery, sleep and as a daily layering piece. The shelf bra option provides more flexibility, too, if you want to go without a bra or bralette.

Additional Ways to Keep Cool

As the heat continues to rise, it’s more important than ever to make a plan to avoid overheating. In order to stay safe and healthy, we can:

  • Consume smaller meals during the summer months. Calorie dense, heavy servings cause our metabolism to expend more energy breaking down nutrients. More frequent, mini meals are easier to digest.
  • Keep fans at the ready. From pocket-sized to tabletop, it’s always a good idea to have a fresh breeze around us. Fans enable cooler air to calm nerves and bring fluctuating body temps back down to normal.
  • Learn the signs of heat exhaustion. A sudden, intense headache, loss of appetite and dizziness are early indications to get out of the sun. 
  • Hydrate with electrolytes. Drinking tons of water alone can deplete our bodies of important nutrients

Our Promise

We take our mission seriously and believe in making healthy choices throughout our entire production cycle. The climate crisis is not only top-of-mind for those in our community dealing with health concerns, but as members of the sustainable fashion industry, we feel it’s more important than ever to make a minimal impact on our environment when and wherever possible. We produce our collection in small batches and sell our inventory through to avoid contributing to the environmental waste and “fast fashion” that harms our environment. Our sustainable, luxe jersey is used in all our garments and ensures that the fabric closest to your skin is soothing, breathable and soft.

Try Portia Here

The summer season is the perfect time to try something new. Try our new Portia Bra and learn more here.