Self-Love February

To many of us, the world feels fragile these days. Change and unknowns loom large, making it difficult to find the inner ease we once could. So, as Valentine’s Day approaches – the official day of love – we, here at Everviolet, are changing things up. We’re making February, also known as National Self-Esteem Month, about self-love. Of course, it’s fine to love on your sweetie and family, but perhaps this year, how about carving out some time to just take care of you?


Self-love is a choice. It requires conscious intentions and happens only when we accept our true nature and identify what’s most important in our lives. It’s learning about what we need and then taking personal responsibility to provide it for ourselves. 1  

Easier said than done, right? 

In a world where we’re constantly considering others – our families, friends, children, partners, and coworkers – it’s so easy to forget about ourselves. That simple word “no” is often the hardest one to utter; much less carving out space to nurture our bodies, minds and spirits. Many of us even feel undeserving of such care, or unworthy. And as a result, we run the risk of unknowingly ignoring our needs day after day. 

For those of us who have faced illness, this truth is often one of the first to become illumined. All of a sudden, in spite of our best intentions, it’s simply no longer possible to make every meal or take care of others the way we once did. In those moments, our body forces us to turn inward – a task that can be both humbling and revelatory. It is then when we sadly realize ways we have abandoned ourselves  

But it can be a painful insight, as well as a life-changing one. In the words of breast cancer survivor Christina Applegate, “ If you get too caught up in the outer, you forget about the inner.” 2 

This reality is true for all of us, whether one has faced illness or not. Self-love is really the greatest love, but when we struggle with loving ourselves, it’s near impossible to attract or maintain healthy relationships with others. Our work is to become comfortable with our imperfections, be honest with our needs, and treat ourselves like a loving big sister would – full of adoration and acceptance. This effort helps us to more fully and authentically give ourselves to others, not to mention, self-love is contagious. When we love ourselves in a genuine way, we make it easy for others to love us in return. 3 

So, in anticipation of LOVE Day, be kind to yourself. Be gentle. Nourish your mind and body through yoga and meditation. Walk in nature. Dance. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Maybe even write yourself a love note, to read the next time you’re feeling down. 4 

Join us in making February a full-blown self-love fest, and enjoy the benefits for years to come! 

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde