New Year’s Affirmations

What’s the true meaning behind setting New Year’s Resolutions? On one hand, they’re optimistic intentions for the coming year, but on the other, they often set us up for disappointment and self-judgment. Of course we all want to set goals and have a fresh start, especially at the beginning of a new year, but according to the Static Brain Institute of Research, only 8% of people actually achieve their resolutions.1  

New Year's Resolutions

But what if resolutions were not based on physical goals?  

Here at Everviolet, we’re big believers in keeping it real, being unabashedly ourselves and loving ourselves just the way we are. This doesn’t mean that we don’t strive to be healthier, kinder, or more integral as people. But it does mean that we try to be compassionate and empathetic as much as possible.  

For us, starting 2017 off right means creating a list of affirmations, rather than resolutions. At first, this might sound like a semantic exercise, however affirmations are less about establishing physical goals or to-do’s, and more about creating a vision for how we’d like our lives to appear. They’re images we identify while in quiet moments alone – in nature, or in meditation. They’re the deepest representations of our dreams.  

If you’ve ever created a vision board, the affirmation practice is very similar. In fact, many prefer to articulate their goals visually. But regardless of whether you write them out, draw them, or collage them from magazine tears, the practice is about painting a positive picture to manifest and return to throughout the coming year.   

For example, instead of resolving to “Lose 10 pounds,” what about affirming to “Improve your quality of life and health” or framing a photograph of someone in their prime of vitality? Instead of resolving toGet a raise,” how about affirming to “Find professional fulfillment,” or identifying key steps to improve your work performance or job standing? When we articulate ambitions in a more positive light, they are often more motivating and inspiring. Not to mention, if things transpire differently, the results are less likely to be seen as failures but rather alternate paths to those same objectives.  

So as we begin 2017, and in the spirit of “Believing is Seeing,” in place of setting goals you might not attain, consider creating affirmations for yourself in which you can shine and grow. And don’t be surprised if your vision becomes reality before 2018! 

“Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful that they can create [expansive or entrapping] realities over and over.” – Kuan Yin from Beneficial Law of Attraction: The Manifestation Teachings