Mother’s Day Gifts (from a Distance)

Mothers are one of the most powerful forces in our society. Aside from giving us life (oh yeah, that small thing?), they keep our worlds running smoothly, care and nurture us, offer empathy when we need it most and help us out when we’re in a pinch. With Mother’s Day fast-approaching and such classic celebrations as brunches, spa days or picnics off-limits, we’re getting creative around how to shower our moms with meaningful love. Keeping her safe (via distance) is one way, but perhaps this moment is also an opportunity to innovate new means of expressing our gratitude. With special thanks to our mothers for raising creative daughters, here are a few ideas we came up with to make all moms feel loved this Mother’s Day.

Make a donation in her honor.

Remembering the causes she champions the most and donating to mom’s favorite charity or nonprofit organization is a wonderful way to create warm fuzzies. She’ll receive the satisfaction of making an impact, and you’ll honor her by holding her values close. And we all know donations don’t have to be big to matter. Every penny counts when it comes to making a difference.

Host a special Zoom brunch.

Send out invites, pick fresh flowers, and set your table for a party! Pop the champagne and enjoy a special brunch online together. It doesn’t need to be fancy, so scramble some eggs and toast that sourdough for a special meal in honor of mom. While it may not be breakfast in bed, if we’re all eating and imbibing together, we’ll bridge the distance and make her feel loved. Aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, siblings, spouses and grandparents are all welcome. Hey, and at least we won’t have to wait to get a table!

Mother-Daughter twinning.

Since we’re stuck at home, we might as well lounge in style, right? Create some physical connection by twinning with mom this Mother’s Day. Matching Maia Camisoles or Modal and Lace Calla Kimonos from Everviolet offers luxe comfort for all. And while we’re at it, here’s a list of virtual games to play while catching up and spending quality time together.

Create a slideshow.

Since we can’t flip through albums together, why not pull some favorite memories and create a memorable slideshow? Or a teaser to a future vacation with beautiful images from one of mom’s top ten dream destinations? Slideshows can be nostalgic and sweet, or funny and goofy, but they always have a way of going straight to the heart. Add some music, and voila! An experience mom will treasure time and time again. Here are tips for building the perfect slideshow.

Take the Chalk-Your-Walk challenge

For those whose moms are local, consider pulling out the chalk, grabbing the family for a walk and creating a Mother’s Day card on her doorstep or sidewalk. Using our art skills to write meaningful messages or cheerful images is a lovely way to spread brightness and love and create a gift that will make mom smile for days. And if she doesn't live nearby, we can always photograph our drawings and send them to her. See examples of chalk art here.

Make her garden grow.

Even though we’re staying at home, now that the weather is turning warm, why not get out and into the dirt? Send some garden kits or succulent pots to brighten mom’s home and yard. If we’re lucky enough to be close to mom, we could even plant some new flowers for her or offer to mow her lawn. Either way, fresh blossoms and fragrant aromas are heartfelt ways to bring beauty to our moms on Mother’s Day. They might even attract butterflies and songbirds!

Virtual Shopping

If Mother’s Day traditions often include shopping, we’ve found a way to keep them going. Purchase a gift card from her favorite shop and go e-shopping together online. Gift cards are now more popular than ever due to their ability to support small businesses that are struggling during this pandemic. So, create a win-win experience your mom will remember by helping a business owner in need and sharing some quality time together.

Even though we will all miss being with our moms in person this year, we can still be present. At the heart of Mother’s Day is the spirit of gratitude and appreciation for all that our mothers have done for us throughout our lives. So, have fun, forge bonds, and bridge this time of distance with laughter, light and love. What we can’t offer in physical touch, we can certainly share in smiles, gestures and connective time.

“We are born of love. Love is our mother.” – Rumi