Meet Our Founder, Keira Kotler

In the unexpected way that life throws challenges at us, Keira Kotler experienced a shock when at age 40, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. "Medical numbers and probability are impersonal facts, and no one expects it to happen, but we’ve all heard the statistics. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetimes." Keira says, continuing on to share her story. "Thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones. My cancer was caught early, and after undergoing a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, I required no further treatment. The desire to pay my good fortune forward is the inspiration behind Everviolet."

keira kotler

One particular part of the healing experience stuck out to Keira, giving her enough pause to raise questions. What garments were available to women living through these physical changes? How were the bras women reach for every day supporting them in recovery? Were there any clothes specifically made for this time of change? And what did they look like?

After six months and over 200 bras, Keira found that one of the greatest challenges was finding comfortable and beautiful garments to wear throughout the healing process. She began talking to other survivors about their shopping experiences and realized she was not alone. "It was almost universal," says Keira of her conversations. "Every woman I talked to faced the same decision: unattractive, functional garments or lingerie that no longer fit her needs. It was a choice between support and comfort, between being a patient and a woman. It was an intimate question that went far beyond clothing. It was about garments as gateways to re-entering life with confidence, comfort, and a sense of self."

Determined to offer women a different answer, Everviolet was born and for the last two years, Keira has devoted herself to researching, developing and producing a collection of lingerie and loungewear that fits the changing bodies of women in various stages of recovery.

"There should be no compromise needed between beautiful garments and technical ones," Keira adds. "With Everviolet, we’re blending functionality and aesthetics in one place." Comprised of lingerie and loungewear, "the collection is all about helping women renew their sense of self and femininity through comfort and confidence. Wherever they are on their journeys, women can appreciate the comfort of products made with their unique needs in mind, without having to sacrifice beauty and femininity."