Feeling Comfortable in Our Clothing, and Our Skin

There’s a growing movement in the fashion industry that we (and many others) are 100% on board with – comfort. Whether it’s for work, staying in or everything in between, feeling at ease and relaxed in our clothing has become the utmost priority. It is perhaps one of the shiniest silver linings to emerge from these crazy times. The seismic shift that pulled the rug out from under the world’s feet in 2020 forever altered the way we show up – and show off.

It makes sense, too, since what we wear is an expression of who we are and how we feel. At a time in our lives when we felt concerned, scared and in need of a collective hug we couldn’t receive, we wrapped ourselves in soft garments, body-hugging sweaters and snuggly slippers while we stayed indoors. Now that society is somewhat normal again, although still strife with new burdens and unknowns, comfortable loungewear and soothing fabrics still make up our top picks within our wardrobe. Here’s a look at our favorites this season and the beauty of finding comfort in our own skin.

Breaking Down Fashion’s Barriers

So many of us are fed up with the thought of wearing painful underwire bras or lingerie that functions well but isn’t flattering or feminine. Our clothes shouldn’t feel like they were designed to make us feel badly, right? According to historian Dierdre Clemente, fashion trends have always been designed to restrict women’s movements, creating body distortions and discomfort along the way. It wasn’t until women began competing in collegiate sports in the 1920’s, allowing for the adoption of shorts, that any less-restrictive options became available. It may have taken roughly one-hundred years to arrive at this moment, but wearing clothing that is functional, comfortable and body-bearing is hitting its groove. More women-owned businesses are introducing categories for a growing demographic of shopper to reach marginalized and overlooked audiences. This next generation of entrepreneurs is introducing softer, more luxurious garments designed for women of all ages, physical challenges and backgrounds. The future is comfort-driven and female.

Introducing - New Color! - Calla Modal Kimono with Lace in Champagne / Grey

We Know You’ll Love Her

At home or during treatment, the Calla Kimono wraps your body in a soft, luxe jersey with delicate lace sleeve details you’ll adore. Thoughtful details include ultra-wide arm opening to accommodate IV’s, deep pockets and adjustable wrap belt for a flattering fit.

Comfort, Health and Our Body’s Defense

The science behind comfortable clothing goes beyond the sense of ease and calm created when we wear softer, more luxurious materials. Our body’s largest organ is our skin, and the epidermis is one of our first lines of defense against invading bacteria and viruses. Clothing designed to breathe and wick moisture can help us stay healthier by allowing oxygen to flow across the skin’s surface. A minor irritation or rash may be simply annoying for some. But for anyone recovering from recent surgery or dealing with a compromised immune system or skin sensitivities, garments that trap moisture against the body can increase bacterial growth, irritate sutures and create additional problems. 

Meet Maia: Our Most Versatile Camisole

Perfect for layering, lounging and sleeping, the Maia Camisole is available both with and without a built-in Shelf Bra. This anything-but-basic basic is both cooling and anti-microbial, too! With optional, internal drain pockets, Maia is good for after surgery, sleep and as a daily layering piece. The shelf bra option provides more flexibility, too, if you want to go without a bra or bralette.

Comfort to Wear, Down There

While we love to gush on our wireless bras, it’s important not to forget our southern hemisphere. Offering ourselves care down there is vital to good health as females. According to Healthline, panties made with cotton and other natural fibers offer breathability and absorbability, which help to prevent yeast infections. Even more critical when working out, well-fitting, moisture-wicking panties will help avoid chafing and other skin irritations.

Sustainable Panties: Portia and Astrid

The Portia High Waisted Panty and Astrid Brief offer the utmost in comfort through incredibly luxe cotton/modal fabric. The Portia hits higher to provide full coverage, while the Astrid sits at the hips to pair with lower cut garments. Both have soft lace trims for that perfect touch of femininity. In a range of colors, these flattering styles are ideal basics for any wardrobe. *Pro tip! Make sure to wash all panties in hypoallergenic soap for sanitary health!

Our Promise: Reclaiming Femininity

Devoting oneself to beauty in the face of ongoing change – all the while meeting each moment in a place of mindful presence and healing – is the ultimate expression of femininity. Our needs will always evolve and change, just as we do every day. Our thoughtfully curated collection of intimate apparel is uniquely designed to empower women to feel their best, enabling them to feel like people first, and patients last.

“Clothing is ultimately the suit of armor in which we battle the world.” - ― Sophia Amoruso, #Girlboss