Behind-the-Scenes: Everviolet Models

On a brisk early summer morning in Oakland, the Everviolet team gathered with Kreate Photography to embark on our first e-commerce photoshoot. It was the culmination of months of ideation and preparation, filled with mood boards, shot lists, fabric swatches, floral design and art direction. As we unpacked product and hung each piece in queue, dewy steam ever-pervasive, one by one the models arrived. Ranging in age from 25 to 60, each woman had her own style, her own presence and her own reason for being there.

You see, every one of the models featured on our website and social media has faced cancer personally. Call them patients, survivors or thrivers, they are gals who have personally walked the walk of illness and were being called to use that experience for good.

Our Founder, Keira Kotler, often refers to Everviolet as her “pay-her-good-prognosis-forward mission” to support other women, and on that day, we all shared that mantra. Filled with story-sharing, laughter and a few tears, every model offered her courage, grace, vulnerability and scars in order to be able to showcase the power of clothing designed with their specific needs in mind. They all wanted other women who have faced breast cancer to see how well the garments fit, how comfortable they are, and how beautiful they make them feel.

That day goes down as one of the most heartfelt moments of our launch, bringing together all of Everviolet’s values at once – sisterhood, connection and beauty that shines from the inside out. For a behind-the-scenes look at the models who bring our brand to life, we offer you April, Barbara, Catharine, Jeanelle, Kaitlyn, Lana, Megan and Shaunell. <3

Catharine working the camera in our signature mauve.

Lana having fun in our Calla Kimono.

Our photographer, Katie, snapping the back details of our Astrid Bralette with Lace and Vela Brazilian on Kaitlyn.

Catching the warm, afternoon sunlight on Shaunell. 

Fun times with props, and April.

All mauve. From left to right April, Lana, Megan, Catharine and Kaitlyn.

Beautiful Barbara in our Maia Bra.

Overhead shot of Jeanelle, Kaitlyn and April in black lingerie sets.

Special thanks to Kreate Photography for all of your beautiful work!