5 Powerful Rituals to Welcome in Spring

If you’ve been feeling like this year’s gotten off to a rocky start, we get it! But today marks the first day of spring, a sweet moment of balance where darkness and light are in equanimity. This year, the rare and powerful Vernal Equinox shares the day with a supermoon, so what better time to ‘push the reset button’ and regain a bit of balance? Let’s take advantage of this special opportunity and use this occurrence as a portal through which we can harness this power to set strong intentions for inspired new beginnings. What do we want to manifest? What can we release, change or push through to move forward? To honor this shift, here are five powerful rituals to help welcome in the spring season and support rebirth within.1

Enjoy Nature

Outdoor rituals can facilitate self-growth and make us feel grounded again. With sunnier days ahead, step outside and notice what the Earth is showing us – life is renewing itself everywhere we look. Make time for hikes, plan an outdoor picnic or if it’s still too chilly to spend time outside, spruce up your surroundings with some new indoor/outdoor plants!

‘Marie Kondo’ Our Home

Nothing feels better than tidying up and decluttering our lives and homes. Release the heaviness from winter by as Marie Kondo says, getting rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy” – donating what we don’t need to a local woman’s shelter or donation center. Clearing our work and living spaces is one of the simplest and effective ways to create room for new energy, and the process can make us feel ‘lighter,’ both physically and mentally. It is also a great time to sage our homes – opening the windows and inviting in the fresh air. 


Whether we need to disconnect from negative thoughts that fill our minds or ‘unplug’ from social media for a day or two, it’s important to give ourselves permission to just 'let go.' Thoughts control our emotions, so if we can work through what’s making us feel uneasy or down, we can shift into a more positive light. It may sound easier said than done, but disconnecting from distraction is a great first step to connecting with ourselves on a deeper level. Focusing on positive thoughts and releasing worries and fears are great ways to greet the new season with optimism and excitement for what’s to come.

Express Your Dreams

Spring is all about creating, sprouting and blossoming, so why not bloom with the season by taking time to express our intentions and dreams on paper? Putting words to our visions is a powerful manifestation tool, inspiring us to expand and set goals, and we can further magnify these creations by expressing them with a loved one, sharing our deepest desires with each other. Then, in the spirit of “believing is seeing,” watch how the very things we want will start to become a reality (we promise you’ll start to see it!). 2

Crystal Healing

If you’re into crystals, the supermoon is a perfect time to bring them out and do some lunar ritual work. Gently wash your crystals before the moon is full, create a sacred space outside or on a natural surface by a window, identify emotions you want to release and set they crystals out to absorb energy from the surrounding environment. The following day, once the crystals have taken in both lunar and solar energy, you can recharge them with intentions for the future. Full moons are also the most powerful times to restore our energies, meditate and clear our chakras.3

“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don't.” – Marie Kondo